I am interested in revenue-generating startups, based in the US in the following areas:

AI/ML, SaaS, Web3

Graphlan's connection sharing platform powered by powerful natural language search helps you find the perfect people in your collective network at the perfect time.

Deploying and managing a data pipeline is a heavy lift. Skip the engineering work and quickly access reliable data powered by proven cloud data infrastructure.

Untitled Firm uses data and technology to help businesses gain the knowledge and insight they need to analyze, strategize and get results.

BrandGuard is the world's #1 AI-powered brand governance platform.

Their AI models ensure brand consistency in all customer facing assets generated by humans and machines.

Teach BrandGuard about your brand to know what is on brand and what is not. Then use it to verify all customer facing content - text or images or videos before publishing. BrandGuard harnesses the power of AI without compromising your brand's values.
GAN helps organizations enhance the video creation process and reach out to their audience effectively by making personalized landing pages for customers and delivering customized videos via preferred communication platforms.

For example, a video from your doctor reminding you that you missed your appointment, and encouraging you to rebook as it’s important, leads to a much higher conversion than a text message.
Selling your business is usually a long and frustrating experience, full of stops and starts, hard-nosed negotiation, and emotional flare-ups. Hiring an investment bank is expensive, due diligence takes months of time, and even if you do everything right, you still might not get acquired.

Acquire removes the rigmarole and frustration of the acquisition process by connecting startups and acquirers in a single marketplace.

ImageProVision Technology focuses on processing and detailed analysis of images, along with the development of image processing applications.

Their products cater to a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, medical sciences, life sciences, chemical and manufacturing industries.
Capture (Exited - Acquired by Akmazo Capital)
Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE) is the first marketing automation software created specifically for higher education. CBE allows you to track, analyze and report on visitors’ real-time site behavior, giving you the ability to better communicate the right message at the most relevant time.

Capture’s full service marketing includes everything from email and digital ads to direct mail and search consulting. Personalized to your brand and prospective students and alumni, when Capture’s marketing is paired with CBE and Envision it’s like connecting the dots and creating the most intelligent marketing outreach in the industry.
The Dealer Trade Network is the largest and most trusted name in dealer trades. Their trading partners need assistance with their inventory and rely on our professional staff to accomplish the mission. The objective may be to place excess inventory, or purchase new car inventory through business to business wholesale transactions.
SentryHealth (Exited - Acquired by First Stop Health)
A program that analyzes a company's specific trends and provides individualized coaching and health care management for targeted employees, which can dramatically improve medical treatment and compliance while lowering claims for service.

SentryHealth has a management team that has spent decades developing entrepreneurial solutions to problems in the U.S. health care delivery system. The founders have extensive backgrounds in medicine, health care management, and clinical and claims cost analysis.
SuperFan (Exited - Acquired by PrestoSports)
A fan loyalty & engagement platform for colleges and universities allowing them to engage and communicate with their fan base.

You can customize every aspect of the app – from the app name and icon, to just about everything inside so that it matches your current branding and reflects your goals for a rewards program. We can even help you integrate sponsors and their needs.
Talla (Acquired by Seva/Bloomfire)
A virtual assistant that makes you better at your job. Talla responds to natural language and can answer questions, automate workflows, and schedule meetings.

Intelligent assistants for teams. Add Talla to your company's Slack and instantly give everyone an assistant to help them communicate, automate and coordinate on hundreds of tasks every day.
A full service solution to microgravity research and design. Space Tango streamlines and simplifies the unique environment that microgravity offers to discover and commercialize solutions for applications on earth.

Space Tango strives to diversify the use of microgravity as they invite industries of all kinds to reach beyond -- with the hope of improving life on Earth.
Additional Investments
Vik and his wife, Vidya, have made a number of direct investments (in addition to the ones above.)
    ​Nye was founded by clinicians who recognized that for people to live long, healthy, happy lives that last until a ripe old age, being healthy and engaging in healthcare had to be made simpler. So they're simplifying the tricky bits and protecting the most important.

    They have already simplified how patients view and manage their health history with their personal health Timeline. Now they're helping patients feel in control of their data and know the impact of their contribution when they take part in clinical research and trials.
    Varo (Exited)
    Banking for all

    Every person, regardless of net worth, should be treated fairly by a bank that wants them to succeed.

    They mean every person. Varo has no tolerance for discrimination—not based on race, sex, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability, or any other basis of discrimination. Everyone is welcome at Varo today, and everyone will be welcome tomorrow.

    AtScale powers the analysis used by the Global 2000 to make million-dollar business decisions. The company’s Intelligent Data Virtualization™ platform provides Cloud OLAP, Autonomous Data Engineering™ and a Universal Semantic Layer™ for fast, accurate data-driven business intelligence and machine learning analysis at scale.
    Clear (Exited)
    Through their secure ID platform, CLEAR is changing how people
    live and work, creating a more secure, connected world.

    They transform your eyes and face into a touchless ID, allowing you
    to quickly and securely confirm your identity - unlocking frictionless experiences across the physical and digital world.
    Props is an authentic content marketing platform that reliably converts audiences into customers.

    No influencers. No branded content.

    Just real stories published on your site and promoted to drive conversions.
    Investments made via the Wefunder Platform

      Substack is a subscription network based on writing, podcasting, community, and other forms of culture-making. Their simple publishing tools have helped thousands of writers start thriving businesses that wouldn’t otherwise have existed. The network has more than 35 million active subscriptions, including 2 million paid subscriptions.

      Wefunder often gives founders that first bit of money to help them get off the ground. Some have gone on to great success.

      Their startups have raised over $5 billion in venture capital after raising money on the Wefunder platform.

      Replit's mission is to bring the next billion software creators online.

      They build powerful, simple tools and platforms for learners, educators, and developers.